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Volume 2 - October

Welcome to the second edition of the Community Newsletter.


The community newsletter is a monthly post by the management team highlighting our forecast for the upcoming month as well as reflecting on the previous month. This includes events, projects, goals and things we are currently working on. In our second volume we will be discussing the Halloween events, upcoming events and the development team.


We hope everyone had fun searching gifts around Los Santos, I personally think the competition was absurdly high between Jacob and Larry. Who were drilled to end up at the first place... However, we think everyone has enjoyed purchasing gifts from the halloween shop and has enjoyed participating in our special halloween events, organized by our community relations team.

Congratulations on behalf of the administrative team to all the winners! Thank you for participating!

Along with the halloween events, we have introduced a new dynamic weather system, which was suggested by the community. We're looking forward to hear your feedback about this new future.

Game Affairs
Every month create unique and special events. In November we're planning to host several events created by our Faction and Gang team. The first Gang Event will be held on 11th November, more information can be found here. For Factions, the event 'Car 'O' Mania' will be announced shortly!

The fun doesn't stop here! More unique events are waiting for you in November.... 'Best hots, Sangre Orgullosa 69th and Protect the Lord' are waiting for your participation!

We're always looking for ways to improve our current events. If you have any idea on how we can improve or adjust our current events, please let us know! Feedback helps!

Development Team
In October we had announced to re-open every development position. On top of that, we are happy to introduce Daniel, Tom, Andrei and Leone as our scripters. The scripters will work on current suggestions, suggested by our lunatics.

In November, we have been working very hard to review every single suggestion. Our message to you is to keep posting new suggestions.
Suggestions are being looked at and will always be taken into consideration.
Our current third party scripters are working on serveral projects which will defintely bring new exciting features to Lawless.

We're still looking for mappers, scripters and BETA testers. If you're interested in becoming one, please click here. Help us improve Lawless!


Administrative Team

Previous month, we have had no admins online in several timezones. We know that you are upset about your reports not being handled. Which is why we are fastening up our recruitment process. We have recently hired new Blacklist Admins and Junior Admins and are still working on ways to fix this issue. We assure you, that by the end of November there would be no issues of your reports not being answered or ignored.

We are looking forward to the upcoming period with you!

Do not forget to contact us when you face an issue. We're always there for you to assist in any situation. Every Head Admin and above can be contacted by mail (e.g. john@lawlessrp.com, immad@lawlessrp.com.)

This year we did something unique and fun to celebrate Halloween. We introduced a gift hunt that gave you candies which you could use to buy awesome rare items or save them up to be on the top candy collector list. I hope everybody enjoyed the Halloween events, I certainly did and actively tried to win some gift boxes but I was no match to you guys. However without further delay.. I want to congratulate our three winners.


First Place - Two Months Ivy
Winner: Jacob Santo

Second Place - Dynamic Door
Winner: Larry Wrzosek

Third Place - One Month Ivy
Winner: Zed Cassidy

Please make a donation request in order to get the prize

Everybody on the list also got a free custom user title

Thank you for taking part and I can't wait for next year's Halloween events!
Community Poll

In August 2016, we introduced a rule which specified that you had 10 minutes to kill another player for whatever valid reason. However, after the server wide rule review in September 2017, the 10 minute rule was removed.

So 2 months later, this rule is still a hot topic in management meetings which is why we want to ask you guys, what you guys prefer? Your opinion and vote matters, please vote wisely.

What is the 10 minute rule and how does it work?

If you have an in character reason to kill another player then you must do it within 10 minutes of the situation occurring. For example, someone steals your vehicle, tries to steal your vehicle, did not comply with a robbery, punched you or any other in-character reason. This 10 minutes can be extended if you are actively chasing them or after them (ie. been after this player for 2 hours straight). However, if you then decide to kill said player after a few weeks then it is no longer deemed a valid in-character reason and would be regarded as deathmatch.

There are of course exceptions to this such as gang wars, bank robbery, turfs and most wanted.

Should we bring the 10 minute rule back?
Please vote in the poll above in order to let us know which system you prefer and don't forget to write your opinions below!

Thank you!
Light Roleplay

We have always been trying to push the theme of the server to be as dynamic and fun as possible. Over the past few years, one of the most requested features from the community was to move towards a more roleplay environment.

We want to transform the gameplay to be more interacting and be turn based action. We have always been a server made by players for the players and with such big decisions like this, we would like to get your opinion and vote for what you want.

In short, there is 3 levels of roleplay commonly associated with SA-MP: Light, Medium and Heavy. However, we do not enforce any of the main rules for these themes so our dynamic roleplay style ranges from no roleplay to heavy roleplay. We want to change our baseline roleplay enforcement from no roleplay to light roleplay.

What type of roleplay are we now?
We are a dynamic roleplay server which is something unique to Lawless Roleplay as we've invented this ourselves. This style of gameplay allows players to either roleplay or not roleplay. As we all know, the human nature is to do the least possible to achieve the most possible and as a result most players did not roleplay for the fear that the other person would not roleplay with them either.

What do you mean by "Light Roleplay"?

Roleplay is the acting out or performance of a particular role. For example, you may be a school student in real life but when playing Lawless Roleplay, you might act like a police officer and do what they would do in real life.

This can be achieved by the actions, movements and words you speak. The sole foundation of this is by fully acting as if you are in that role in a realistic nature. This creates two realities 'in-character' (when you are acting) and 'out of character' (who you really are in real life). So for example, when you are in-character, you might pretend you are a 42 year old land builder but when you are out of character you are a 19 year old high school student.

For the experienced SA-MP player, you might of have joined many light roleplay servers. Lawless Roleplay's interpretation of this gameplay is completely different than all the other servers out there and we will be approaching it in a very unique way. Our focus is to make roleplaying as easy as possible by making the script do most of the hard work. This will be done by creating new physics and functions that will automatically portray your character of wishing.

Will the server rules change if light roleplay is implemented?
We have reviewed all our rules to look for changes in order for light roleplay to be successful. If the community votes to implement light roleplay then we will need to implement the following rules:
  • Metagame
  • Power gaming
What is "Metagame"?
Metagame (also known as MG) will not be allowed. This is when a player uses out of character (also known as OOC) information for an in-character (also known as IC) advantage.

Examples of metagame:
  1. You send a forum message to John_Smith to say you will kill him in-game. Forum private messages are OOC.
  2. You hear on the global channel that John_Smith is being arrested and you go to police to help John_Smith get free.
  3. You put a contract on John_Smith because he insulted you on Skype (Hitman Contracts)
  4. You use the name above a player's character to immediately assume who they are
Using VoIP programs such as Teamspeak, Skype, Discord and Ventrilo to communicate IC while in-game is strictly forbidden. The only exception to this is Lawless Roleplay's TeamSpeak or Discord server.

Hitman contracts must be in-character which includes the reason and the fulfilling of the contract.

It is also against the rules to use alternative characters to interact with your main accounts, gain knowledge from your main, pass on info and so on. Alternate characters must interact in-game with others to gain knowledge or carry out related tasks.

What is "Powergame"?
Powergame (also known as PG) will not be allowed. This is when you force someone or something to do something which you can't control; doing something impossible that you can't do in a realistic manner; forcing players to roleplay in your advantage; roleplaying things which are not possible script-wise so that you can gain an unfair advantage.

Examples of Powergame:
  1. John_Smith picks up a police car and throws it in the air
  2. Roleplaying that you have an item on you which you do not have on your character
  3. John_Smith kicks Jack_Smith in the head, immediately causing Jack_Smith to die
We also have an /attempt command to aid with this rule.

How do you plan to implement this new gameplay?
We plan on doing the following things:
  1. Add the new rules (MG and PG) with clear explanations. These rules will be more focused on rewarding players who follow it instead of punishing players who do not
  2. With the help of the admin and helper team, create multiple tutorials (including video and audio guide) on how to roleplay and how the new rules affect their current gameplay
  3. Hire upto 15 new administrators to not only police the new rules but to create roleplay events and gatherings for the community
  4. Create a commision of players and staff that will review the rule changes periodically and respond accordingly to what the community wants
  5. Create a team of players who will be placed into factions and gangs to spread the roleplay
What are the advantages for us (the players) if we vote to implement this?
  • New admins being hired and trained by admin personnel
  • Specific rules and clearly understandable
  • A new appeal system will be implemented to give players a chance to appeal the admin actions. The complains will receive a full revamp and will be much better than it is
  • We will focus a lot on scripting and make most of the things go through script, so it will be easier for players to manage their gameplay
  • Huge scripting updates with new things to do in-game based on light rp scenarios
  • We are also going to frequently use our mapping team to implement new custom maps
  • Amazing ideas along with the suggestion posted, that are being worked on
  • New turfs + perks being implemented
  • A huge new additional feature of more INTERACTIONS between players!

What are the disadvantages for us (the players) if we vote to implement this?
  • Extra rules to remember and abide by
  • These rules are subjective, so it may seem metagame for one player, but not metagame for another
  • These rules will put huge pressure on admins due to an expected influx of complaints on violation of these new rules
  • Need admin input in deciding cases if they are MG or PG or not
  • Less freedom of acting in-game such as, metagaming in public, shooting players for fun in crowded areas
  • In need of learning the basics of roleplay, if you do not have any knowledge about it

Any suggestions you may have are welcomed, so post below and our administration team will review them.


When we first created Lawless Roleplay, we wanted it to be a server which was not about rules but instead about gameplay and fun. We did not want our players to have to memorise a huge guidebook about what they can or can’t do. Instead, we wanted most of our rules to be automatically enforced by the server script and to let players focus about having fun.

However, as time has gone by, department directors and players have suggested multiple rules and these were added. But they did not add any value to the server and made things confusing for everyone.

So today, I am proud to announce that all our server rules have been reviewed and adjusted by me and agreed upon with the Lawless Roleplay management team.

Please note: All rules and punishments listed are only guidelines. Punishments can be less or more severe and depends on the situation and discretion of the admin.

There is just too many changes to list them all but here are the main ones:
  • No member limit on gang/ factions
  • New hacking punishment rules
  • New deathmatch punishment rules
  • New revenge killing rules
  • Removal of 10 minute rule
  • There have been many rules also removed which are now enforced by the script (ie. Car parking, spawn killing etc)
  • Removed faction arrest procedure detaining in valid vehicle rules
Frequently Asked Questions

My account was terminated because of the old hack rules. Can I be unbanned?
We are willing to unban and undo any account terminations on a case by case. We strongly recommend that you post a ban appeal (even if your account has been terminated).

When are these rules valid?
Right now since this post.

What happened to the old rule clarification threads?
These were systematically reviewed and any topics with incorrect/ expired information have been removed from view.
SA:MP v1.3.38
We are constantly looking to improve the server and community, if you have any suggestions then please post it in the suggestion forums or if you found any bug or problem with our server, then please post it in the bug forums.

We hope you are enjoying the frequent updates as we aim to make Lawless Roleplay a more smooth and better experience for everyone.

Revision 1.3.38
- HA+ can see active reports an admin is handling on /admins
- Fixed an exploit with /accept biz
- Re-enabled server sided nametags
- Fixed a bug with /storegun
- Fixed a bug with lock menus
- Created test server batch
- Fixed an exploit with bans
- You need to be close to eachother to use /adjust invite

Now for this special update, we are collecting everyone's opinions and ideas about the new nametag version on a community poll so please click here to give us your thoughts about the new nametag system.
We are constantly looking to improve the server and community, if you have any suggestions then please post it in the suggestion forums or if you found any bug or problem with our server, then please post it in the bug forums.

We hope you are enjoying the frequent updates as we aim to make Lawless Roleplay a more smooth and better experience for everyone.

Revision 1.3.34 + Core SA-MP Engine Update
- /resetrobbery is now a HA+ command
- Removed Junior Admins from /helpers
- Updated YSI and amx_assembly
- Updated MySQL, Log Core and PawnCMD
- Fixed a bug with deleting radios
- Fixed an exploit where giving a player a weapon as passenger would let them drive by with invalid weapons
- Fixed a bug with gang saving variables
- Upgraded to latest SA-MP Engine for stability