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When we first created Lawless Roleplay, we wanted it to be a server which was not about rules but instead about gameplay and fun. We did not want our players to have to memorise a huge guidebook about what they can or can’t do. Instead, we wanted most of our rules to be automatically enforced by the server script and to let players focus about having fun.

However, as time has gone by, department directors and players have suggested multiple rules and these were added. But they did not add any value to the server and made things confusing for everyone.

So today, I am proud to announce that all our server rules have been reviewed and adjusted by me and agreed upon with the Lawless Roleplay management team.

Please note: All rules and punishments listed are only guidelines. Punishments can be less or more severe and depends on the situation and discretion of the admin.

There is just too many changes to list them all but here are the main ones:
  • No member limit on gang/ factions
  • New hacking punishment rules
  • New deathmatch punishment rules
  • New revenge killing rules
  • Removal of 10 minute rule
  • There have been many rules also removed which are now enforced by the script (ie. Car parking, spawn killing etc)
  • Removed faction arrest procedure detaining in valid vehicle rules
Frequently Asked Questions

My account was terminated because of the old hack rules. Can I be unbanned?
We are willing to unban and undo any account terminations on a case by case. We strongly recommend that you post a ban appeal (even if your account has been terminated).

When are these rules valid?
Right now since this post.

What happened to the old rule clarification threads?
These were systematically reviewed and any topics with incorrect/ expired information have been removed from view.

Turf Rules

  • Turfs are in-character
  • You must always wear a bandana/badge attending turf.
  • You must have your bandana/badge on display in turf at all times.
  • Law enforcement factions can only capture 3 turfs.
  • Revenge kill rule does not apply here.
  • You must wear your faction or gang skin to attend.
  • You should not attend if you have high ping or high packet loss
  • You can't drive-by in an ACTIVE turf area.
  • You can only shoot at the members in the turf area at XX:45.
  • You may not use any animation or /ame within the boundaries of an active turf, even if you do not gain any advantages by using them.
  • Gangs cannot ally with factions during a turf war. This also transcends out of turfs too.
  • You can snipe into the turf boundaries as long as you have members inside the turf boundaries.
Removal from gang/faction + Prison (60 minutes)

Civilians (not a gang/Non-LEO faction member) cannot participate in turfs
  • Civilians are NOT allowed to attend turf wars (shooting at gangs and helping other gangs).
Deathmatch Warning

Gangs and factions cannot attend a turf without the intent to capture the turf
  • Gangs/Factions are not allowed to attend a turf without the intention of capping, you must have 2 members which includes a R5 to attend turf.(Aiding allies in a turf is not allowed unless your gang is allies In-characterly with the particular gang).
Removal from gang/faction + Prison (60 minutes)

Factions cannot arrest gang members participating in active turfs
  • Law enforcement officers are not allowed to arrest gang members who are participating or are near or inside active turf boundaries. However, if police are after a gang member before they enter the turf then they can arrest them. They are also not allowed to arrest people for crimes committed inside an active turf boundary. However, police officers can arrest gang members for committing any crimes after the turf (even if in relation to the turf).
Removal from faction + Prison (60 minutes)

Gangs and factions can only engage whilst inside turf boundaries
  • Gang and faction members can only engage whilst being inside the turf boundaries. However, if a gang/ faction member is engaged inside the turf boundary and leave then they can still be killed outside the turf boundaries whilst the turf is still under attack. Furthermore, you can also snipe into the turf boundaries as long as you have members inside the turf boundaries. In addition, lands cannot be used in a turf - this includes sniping from lands into a turf, hiding in a land in an active turf after engagement.
Deathmatch Warning
Double Capping
  • You can't double-cap a turf at the same time (if there is two turfs available for a cap you can't double cap, you MUST wait for the first turf to finish, in order to attend the next turf.)
Gang Strike
Lag Capping
  • You're not allowed to cap while lagging or de-sync.
Gang Strike

Recruitment Rules

  • You are not allowed to just /adjust invite a civilian into your gang, you must role-play the recruitment procedure properly meaning to make them do something physically for the gang, such as opening crate box's full of weapons, and stocking them, the list goes on.
  • Inviting players after (XX:45) when a turf is up-coming is not allowed (If not attending you may ignore this)

Bandana Rules

  • You may not attack a gang member without yourself wearing a bandana, or if the gang member does not have a bandana.
  • Raiding a gang, that have no bandanas equipped may be considered DM, unless you have an sufficient RP reason.

Gang Leader Rules

  • You are not allowed to sell or attempt to sell your gang slot, may result in a ban.
  • Any kind of destructive attitude towards our community won't be tolerated and could result in a removal from your gang slot position. (this includes forum posting and in-game acting.)
  • If a gang slot holder got caught and has sold his slot already, both the slot holder and the buyer will be banned for being a gang lord and will receive a 10% total wealth fine including the cash used on the said deal.
  • Ignoring Management orders or not leading your gang according the rules, that we require, will result in an removal of your gang slot position.
  • Giving out any information that is stated in the private Ganglord section is strictly forbidden and won't be tolerated.
  • A gang leader can only invited a total of 80 member in their gang slot.
  • Any server rule-break will be punished, in a gang strike or a leader-rank ban.
Credits: @Jack Θ and @Floyd G Bronx
Any rules here that are broken by an Rank 5 and above, may be punished and given a strike. Also minimum of 3 members must be found guilty of breaking a rule in-order to be striked. This also includes server rules on http://lawlessrp.com/pages/rules/