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Double EXP
We're holding a weekend double EXP event on the server. It's your chance to finally get on the highscores list.
Click here to join this event.

Dear Lunatics,

We are happy to present this years' Lawless Got Talent. This is your time to show off your incredible skills and design or create something which reflects you. We will be awarding 3 winners with great prizes and they will be known as this years Lawless Got Talent winners!


(must be SA:MP/Lawless related)
  • Roleplay
  • Digital graphics/Pencil drawing
  • Rap freestyle/Singing
  • News article
  • Poetry
  • Mapping



The Public Relations Team

Hello Lunatics,

This is an announcement to inform you of the revival of the public relations team. From this coming Monday the entire social media side of Lawless Roleplay will be refilled with events with prizes for you, the players, to get your hands on. Our events will be hosted primarily on our main facebook page. Some events may be hosted on other platforms, such as our steam group (details below) We thank you for your patience and we promise to host up to 8 events a week! So, get those social networks open!

We have a lot of...

Winter Event Results!

With the Winter Events long past us now, we are finally ready to release the results! Sorry about the wait!


As you know santa's sleigh got hit by AK-47 bullets whilst flying over Grove Street and crashed in Flint County during Christmas! Lots of people flocked to help Santa by delivering his Christmas presents. With the people's help, Santa was able to enjoy another successful Christmas. As a thank you, he promised to give 20 helpers random gifts. We're now ready to announce them!

We used 3 different random number generators (random.org, mathgoodies and andrew.hedges) to generate a number from 0 to 16850.

This winter, people helped Santa to deliver 16, 801 presents between the 27th December 2015 to 12th January (18 days!)....

UPDATE 0.9.05!

Jingle bells.. jingle bells.. Oh wait, it's over. Now that the Christmas festivities is finally over, it's time for our annual winter update with awesome events, minigames and idlewood street parties. This update sees many bug fixes, a bucket of snow, winter events, a special gift store and the addition of a new minigame. This winter will be a special one at Lawless Roleplay. But first, let's have our traditional mission statement speech.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play...

Double EXP Weekend
Hey Lunatics,

Yes, that's right! Finally! We will activate the double experience this weekend, the time to level up is here! The weekend to get your friends online to level up together!

The Double Experience weekend will start Friday, 19 June, 2015 on 23:59 AM GMT +0, and it will end Sunday, 21 June, 2015 on 23:59 AM GMT +0.

Los Angeles (GMT -8) - 3:59 PM
Chicago (GMT -6) - 5:59 PM
New York (GMT -5) - 6:59 PM
Rio de Janeiro (GMT -2) - 9:59 PM
London (GMT +0) - 11:59 PM
Vienna (GMT +1) - 00:59 AM
Mumbai (GMT +5.5) - 5:29 AM
Manila (GMT +8) - 07:59 AM
Auckland (GMT +13) - 12:59 PM

Huh, Double Experience?!?!...