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I would like to apologise to everybody with the recent downtime and struggles the server has been having. However, since our last update and the server move, we have been able to rectify the issues. Thanks you for your patience.

We are constantly looking to improve the server and community, if you have any suggestions then please post it in the suggestion forums or if you found any bug or problem with our server, then please post it in the bug forums.

We hope you are enjoying the frequent updates as we aim to make Lawless Roleplay a more smooth and better experience for everyone.

Revision 1.2.87
- Enabled gang vehicles again
- Adjusted 3 forklift positions
- Opening doors/garages of lands are now based on the actual nearest object
- Removed little Italy mapping
- Adjusted server settings
- Fixed a bug with /destroycone
- Adjusted babaShura protection
- Fixed a typo with 'Daisy'
- Fixed a bug with /ddpass
- Updated antibot and antiflood
- Fixed green username bug
- Adjusted object loading
- Fixed multiple bugs and issues
- Script optimization
News I love you
As most of you know that I am a very open and honest person when it comes to things related to the server. This is why I want to make this open letter to you all.

We have been experiencing connection and stability issues for more than a month. This has been undoubtedly frustrating for you, the players, staff and myself. I have done everything in my power to try to address the issues - script optimization, server set up, host, etc but the issue did not go away. Recently, we have moved to a more powerful server and the stability and lag seem to have gone.

I really appreciate every single player and staff who stood by Lawless Roleplay, helped us try to fix the issue and stayed loyal. As a token of my appreciation, if the new server does not have any lag issues for more than 24 hours then everyone who logged in those 24 hour period would receive 14 days of Ivy. If you already have Ivy - 14 days will be added. If you have Daisy or Rose, then you will be bumped up to Ivy status.

Furthermore, I have enabled Double EXP for everyone for the weekend.

Thank you once again for remaining loyal and supporting Lawless Roleplay
For the past month we have been experiencing latency issues and unplanned downtime, which is highly unusual for us.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been working very hard to resolve the issue with our partners and to restore smooth gameplay once again. We have applied several changes, script optimisation, server configuration changes and yet the issue has not been resolved. We had similiar issues for the best part of Winter 2016 and moved to this new host which was running smooth for 3 months until April. I have tried almost everything available and yet the issue resonates causing myself to lose sleep trying to resolve it.

I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience the downtime caused, and I am planning on making some modifications to our infrastructure to try to avoid similar downtime in the future, or at the very least, minimise the amount of time necessary to recover from a crash. My top priority has always been to make sure the site and server stays up and loads as quickly as possible, so it is disappointing for to have these issues. I will do my best to ensure that such issues happen as rarely as possible.

As a result, there will be extended downtime on Sunday 14th May 2017 at 18:00 GMT+1. This downtime will enable me to fully diagnose and repair the server. We will be coming back online with no lag or host issues which will hopefully allow me to start coding awesome updates for you all again!

So sorry again for the inconvenience. I hope you're all enjoying the server otherwise.
For a long time, hackers have plagued the streets of Los Santos, and brought unfair gameplay to Lawless Roleplay. We have spent countless hours creating updates to minimize the impact hackers have on the server.

Earlier this year we launched a beta version of the launcher, and we got tons of feedback from you. We have since upgraded the systems, made it consume less CPU and eat less data. We have also patched up some bugs.

The launcher is optional meaning that you do not need it to play Lawless Roleplay. However, if you do decide to use the launcher, you will be registered as a Verified Player while using it. This will give you access to verified only events and it will be a public way of telling people that you do not have any hacks installed.


Should there be any issues, don't panic and please submit a bug report, and it will be handled as soon as possible.

How does it work?
In-game there's a verified system. It gives you a tag that shows everyone that you are a verified clean player. In order to become verified, you have to run the executable that scans your game folder for hacks and disables them. Any non-approved modifications will be temporarily removed and restored once you quit the game.



We do realize that many CLEO files are harmless, and therefore we have added the possibility to use verified CLEO files. It's easy to enable and disable what CLEO files you want to use through the settings. It's easy for us to add new CLEO files in the future, so if you miss one, feel free to suggest one in the future. We don't want our launcher to limit your gameplay.

Your privacy

At Lawless Roleplay we strive to protect your privacy. We do not collect any data about your computer usage, or anything of the likes that may intrude your privacy.

I don't want to use the launcher. Can't I play anymore?
You are free to not use the launcher, and you may login through the usual SA-MP client if you wish. You will however not be verified in-game, and some events will require you to be verified. Using the launcher helps us ensure that you are not hacking.


Manual installation - Click here

How do I install it?
Simply drag and drop the zip file to a desired location, and uzip it.

Frequently Asked Questions From Community
(this is a list of questions and answers from the community regarding the launcher/ verified players)

Can I use the old launcher?
You have to reinstall the launcher in order to use it.

What about the harmless modifications?
We can very easily whitelist CLEO and ASI modifications based on community feedback.
The launcher now supports modloader. In order to use modloader, you need to enable it in the options.

Currently the launcher allows these modifications to be installed:

  • FPS Unlocker
  • Anticrash (CLEO)
  • Anticrash (ASI)
  • Sensitivity fix (CLEO)
  • Sensitivity fix (ASI, with .ini)
  • Car Health Bar
  • Sprint Bar
  • Widescreen fix (ASI, with .ini)
  • Modloader (ASI blocked, only visual modifications)
If you have any suggestions for CLEOs to be whitelisted, then please reply below with the CLEO name and what it does. The more information and detail you provide us, the faster we will be able to give you feedback if that CLEO is accepted or not.

CLEOs are greyed out in the settings. What's going on?
In order to use the CLEOs, you have to download CLEO4 from their site. CLEO 4 download

How do I update the launcher?
You do not need to do anything! The program will automatically check & install updates.

Does the launcher spy on what I do, or have installed?
We don't collect or store any information while using our launcher.

How do I get my verified tag?
You get the verified tag automatically when you log in with the launcher.

I have an idea/ suggestion/ question/ opinion - who do I tell it to?
Reply to this thread with any ideas/ suggestions/ questions or opinions you have regarding this launcher. I, @Barney and @Andrew will be reviewing them and replying to them.

How do I enable a modification?
In order to enable a modification, you need to activate it through the launcher.
Press the cog in the right corner of the launcher as demonstrated here:

Then feel free to select from the list below: