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Server Update v1.5.45

This release contains a brief maintenance update with the following change logs:

- Fixed a bug with the GPS and converted it into independent module
- Tutorial now pauses if you are tabbed
- Fixed a calculation error with /gmute in certain circumstances
- Increased business slots to 750
- Fixed a /dropgun ban bug
- Upgraded VPN protection
- Anti-cheat bug fixes
- BR now requires 4 players to start and bonus is given at 10 players or more
Hope you enjoy!
Server Update v1.5.36


Hospital spawn times have been decreased to 30 seconds after well received feedback from the community!


Turf payments have been adjusted for almost all turfs with the minimum change of turfs earning double to triple the amount that they were previously earning.

Job pay has also been greatly increased for drug smuggler and trucker.


Other features include Battle Royale becoming free to play while keeping the highly valuable rewards and some bug fixes including the notorious punishment (/punlist) and gang log (/ganglog)​
Server Update v1.5.27
The first update of 2019 is finally here with version v1.5.27, this means we have made 1,527 revisions in the five years of our community's existence. Each revision contains multiple features, adjustments, bug fixes and changes made by our developers.

  • Battle Royale: A game mode where your mission is to eliminate every other player until you are the last one alive. You will take off on a plane and fly to the battleground where you will parachute down. Weapons, health and armour can be found scattered around the map. The winner wins 80% of the money everyone put in and if there is more than 16 players, the winner also gets an extremely rare prize
  • Implemented new paintball exterior map
  • Added visual blood splatter when you take damage
  • Added /findbr

  • Changing password now requires you to confirm your current password to change it
  • Adjusted HUD alert system to be central
  • Adjusted anticheat
  • Paycheck is given once you complete the first captcha and no longer asks you to enter the paycheck code

  • Fixed a critical bug with /movept
  • Fixed a bug with namechanges being longer than 20 characters
  • Fixed a bug which allowed people to /dropgun while dying
  • Fixed gang zones causing weird overlapping effect
  • Fixed a bug which duplicated cars if owner /q while vehicle being towed
  • Fixed death bug where you are not in the death animation and can walk around
  • Fixed a death bug which sent you to the hospital immediately
  • Fixed an issue with /getpt
  • Fixed a bug where you could not do /cancel contract
  • Hitmen can now use /(cancel/accept) hit as an alternative to /(cancel/accept) contract
  • Hitmen can no longer accept hits after they kill you
  • Fixed a delay with death messages ie. delay in receiving notoriety etc
  • Fixed a bug where the weather could be reset once you're stoned
  • Fixed a bug where /refund can crash the server
  • Fixed a bug with /revive and /revivenear resetting the skin



This is a new activity available where your mission is to eliminate every other player until you are the last one alive. You can team, heal, use drugs but there must be only one survivor.

When you join and the round begins, you will take off on a plane over wasted battle grounds and will need to parachute down. You will land on this island without any weapons or tools.

You can find weapons, health and armour scattered around the map. Some areas of the map contain more items than others while the warship has extremely rare items.

The winner gets 80% of the money everyone put in and if there is more than 16 players, they also get an extremely rare prize.



There is now random blood splatter when you get hurt.



The most popular area in Los Santos has received a face lift with parking, outdoor seating and vegetation. A great place to chill with your friends.



Being our first update of 2019, I think it's time we set the slate clean by unbanning everyone. We hope giving this chance to banned players allows them to reunite with their friends & foes and to make new memories on Lawless Roleplay.

We hope that our goodwill is taken seriously with players abiding by our server rules and being a contributing member of the community.



There is an optional version of the SA-MP 0.3.7 client containing various fixes:

- The game's radar should scale better in widescreen resolutions. No more 'egg of finding'
- The sa-mp.cfg option nohudscale=1 and /hudscalefix client command can be used to toggle the radar scale fix
- A bug introduced in 0.3.7-R2 PlayerPlaySound with sound ID 0 is fixed
- Actors should be able to rotate again
- The game timer wrapping could bug out functions like InterpolateCameraPos
- More checks in the client for bad data (unoccupied sync, character aiming up/down)


UPDATE v1.5.34

A new hotfix update was released on 22 January 2019, more information found here.​
Dear Lawless Roleplay,

Let me explain...

There have been multiple rumours over the past couple of months that Lawless Roleplay is closing down, dying or been abandoned by the management team.

The truth is I have been going through a really tough time in real life and just like you and everyone else, I too am human. In full honesty, I have been having a lot of problems in real life and on Lawless Roleplay. Though, instead of resolving these problems, I have been hiding from it, hoping it would all go away. However, you can only hide from something for so long before it catches up to you.

I love Lawless Roleplay and I love our community. I have made so many friends, learnt so many interesting things about different people, cultures and different countries. I have been able to use Lawless Roleplay as a platform to have fun with friends and random people all over the world. It's truly beautiful. And I honesty believe that Lawless Roleplay offers the best gameplay experience on SA:MP. I would never give up on Lawless Roleplay because of this.

This is why I am asking for your forgiveness regarding my inactivity and lack of action. I want to fix all the problems on Lawless Roleplay however I am just one guy with limited time and energy.

I understand that many of you think that you just "play" Lawless Roleplay but in my eyes you are more than just "players". As members of this community, I see you as partners of Lawless Roleplay. You are apart of this community and every second you have played here, you have helped shape and create it. So this is why I am here standing in front of you.. asking you to help me.. to help us get Lawless Roleplay back to it's glorious position at the top of SA:MP. Without your support and loyalty, I cannot improve this. I need you.

I will give everything I have and I will work very closely with the players and staff team to improve Lawless Roleplay. As long as I have your support and loyalty, Lawless Roleplay will never die.

The first thing you can do to help improve Lawless Roleplay is to fill out this survey (click here). This survey will help me capture all of your opinions and suggestions on how to improve Lawless Roleplay. I use this as a template on problems that need solving so it's important that you answer the survey.

In light of recent events, I have reinstated Joey as Assistant Management and Toompert as Management. Their roles will be mostly in-game focused and they will be aiming to solve problems directly in-game on the spot. Additionally, Jerome has been promoted to Assistant Management and will be continuing his work as Game Affairs director. Alfred has also been promoted to Head Admin and assigned as Director of Admin Personnel. Finally, I am working very closely with Adam on upgrading the anti-cheat to protect against a lot more hacks and to be more accurate.

This is only the beginning.


One of the growing problems we have is the placement and construction of lands. Recently there has been a huge public outcry to remove the land system and remove the eye sore that has been created inside of Los Santos. We have even suspended the selling of lands and land moves until we are able to resolve this issue.

Lands are an extremely beautiful thing and it is one of those unique features that makes us stand out as the gold standard server. However, they have not been looked after by both the staff team and the land owners and as a result, instead of showcasing the server as the gold standard, it is instead making the server look cosmetically ugly.

I strongly believe in the good that the land system can bring to Lawless Roleplay which is why I am against it being deleted. I strongly believe the way to resolve this issue is for the staff team, land owners and the community work together to resolve these issues as a collective. Our only objective here is stability and longevity.

Property Disputes
The community can now report any property violating the rules. The Department of Properties will review the dispute and then pursue it with the property owner on behalf of the server. This is not the same as a forum complaint but instead a reporting mechanism of bad property owners.

Once a player reports a property for violating the rules, property moderators will then review it and if valid, they will attempt to resolve it with the property owner via the Property Dispute Resolution Center. Other players are not able to see property disputes however everyone can see the property dispute resolution center for transparency.

Land Placement and Building Regulations
The placement and building regulations have been reviewed for lands. It is much more clear and less ambiguous. We follow these rules strictly and there is no deals or exemptions under any circumstances. These rules are black and white. If you find any property violating these rules please report the property via a Property Dispute form.

Land Placement Regulations

  • We measure the distance of locations by the running distance of skin ID 0 (1 running step = 1 yard)
  • Lands need to be in a realistic location. In real life, a developer could buy that land to begin construction
  • Lands must be placed on empty ground with no existing structure there already (This does not include vegetation unless there is a lot of vegetation there)
  • Lands must be 50 yards away from turf boundaries, jobs, server mapping, faction head quarters and any point of interest (ie. malls)
  • Lands must not cover or block roads, shortcuts, routes, parking, sidewalks or any public property
  • Lands must not cover or block other people's property or access to it
  • Lands must be at least 30 yards away from other lands
  • Lands must be on the ground
  • There can only be 3 lands visible in the minimap including the proposed land location

Land Building Regulations

  • Lands must be built in a realistic manner and follow the laws of physics. (ie. A staircase into the sky is not allowed, a building without adequate support etc)
  • Lands must naturally fit into the local environment
  • Garages/ Doors or moving objects must not be used as a supporting structure (ie. roof, wall or floor)
  • Lands must not be an eyesore for players
  • Lands must not cause nuisance for the general population
Please view the up to date land placement and building regulations here.

Business Placement Regulations

  • We measure the distance of locations by the running distance of skin ID 0 (1 running step = 1 yard)
  • Businesses must be in front of a realistic location (ie. exterior cannot be a house, a hill/ mountain)
  • You cannot place this business on somebody else's property without direct permission. They are allowed to revoke this permission at any time and if the property has a new owner, they can also revoke the permission at anytime. Your business will be seized until you pay for a business move
  • Business exteriors must be able to support the interior size
  • Businesses placed on a land need to have a realistic exterior. Just a door is no longer allowed. It has to be an actual building
  • Truckers must be able to access the the business door without hindrance
  • Businesses cannot be placed on server mapping, faction head quarters, job buildings and any point of interest
  • The same type of businesses cannot be placed within the range of 25 yards
  • Businesses must be at least 200 yards away from the trucking job
  • Business locations must not cause nuisance for the general population

Please view the up to date business regulations here.

These rules applies to all currently existing and future lands and businesses. In regards to what happens to them, we aim to resolve the matter with the owner so that both the server and the owner will be happy and satisfied with the resolution. Our aim here is not to punish owners but to work with them to create a better Lawless Roleplay.
Server Update v1.4.60
In the past few updates, the feedback has been impressively positive from the community and we aim to continue this trend with this update.

This new part time job is found at Pizza Stack in Idlewood. It is very profitable and fun to do. Our team has so much fun that they made a funny release video!


Rank 5 and above gang leaders can view the previous 30 gang log entries for invites, uninvites, promotions, demotions, safe withdrawals/ deposits and other changes.


In preparation for summer, you can now place boomboxes outside! Beach party, anyone?


There is now a brand new nametag design based on player feedback.


Shooting is one of the most important aspects of the server. As a result, we have stopped using external plugins and instead made our own custom one.


Features and Changes
- Added ability to play boombox outside of interiors
- Added /ganglogs for rank 5s and above which will show the previous 30 gang log entries
- Invites
- Uninvites (ouninvite, quit and uninvite)
- Promoted
- Demoted
- Safe withdrawals
- Safe deposits
- Gang creation
- Gang deletion
- Family Changes (name, safe move and rank names)
- MOTD Edits
- Complete overhaul of custom weapon damage solution to solve every single sync issue known
- Kill shot now will make you do cool animations
- Updated nametag design
- Added pizza delivery part-time job
- Added /gunmodcar for gang vehicles
- If you have over 100 health or 100 armor, you will get green bonus bars to indicate your health
- If you are in a vehicle, your health or armor will not show
- Nametag will not show armor if you don't have armor
- Turf Perk: Drug Den gives you 100 g pot
- Turf Perk: Crack House gives you 100 g crack
- Turf Perk: Chemical Lab gives you 100 ounces of chemicals
- Implemented unity and all saints wall fixes
- Increased 9mm price in gun stores to $500
- Added discord to /info
- Disabled anniversary fair (forgot)
- Increased shotgun price to $1,100, rifle price to $1,800, light armor price to $500, medium armor price to $800 and health to $250 in gun stores
- Adjusted /hwarn message when they can't afford to pay the fine
- Turfs cannot be shut down by factions after 30 minutes of turf starting
- You no longer can shake hands while cuffed, hospitalized, tied or tazed
- You can no longer use /kill while wanted
- Rank 3 and above LSFMD can now use /ram
- Secret service (Government, division 5) now has access to LEO commands
- Only FBI can now see players radio frequencies on /frisk
- Increased vending machine prices from $2 to $15
- Removed health from gun stores
- You now have to pay $750 to repair your car in pay and sprays
- Trialling 12 turf capture limit for gangs (used to be 6)
- Increased cane damage to 4
- Increased baseball bat, katana, pool stick, shovel, gold club and nitestick damage to 5
- Increased knife damage to 50
- Happy place now saves
- Removed notoriety loss if you were /prisoned or /happyplaced
- You now get a custom message once auto released from admin prison or happyplace
- /time will tell you the time for happy place release
- A lot of stability fixes
- Universally renamed /killcheckpoint to /kcp (both still work)
- Universally renamed /nearestbusiness to /nb (both still work)
- Added pizza hat to the toy shop
- Added the ability to /hwarn players who are not online (just enter their full name using /hwarn)
- Added /calc and /cal as hotkeys for /calculate
- Adjusted fish text to "Your net is old and worn out or it's carrying more than it's recommended capacity. Try dropping some fish or risk losing it all" to make it clear that it could also be old net

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug with /stats
- Fixed spelling mistake with Marksman
- Fixed a bug with /editturf stock
- Fixed a bug with admins deleting lands
- Fixed /usepot not letting you get 130 health
- Fixed spelling mistake on /vstorage
- Fixed a bunch of typos
- Fixed a bug with gang safe notice
- Fixed a bug with businesses saving
- Fixed /punlist which gave away undercover admins and black list admins
- Fixed a bug which allowed players to get over the maximum health or armor
- Fixed a bug with drug skills of FBI agents becoming lower with /deliver
- Fixed a bug with damage feed
- Fixed vehicle mods not saving for both gangs and players
- Fixed illegal mods from not automatically removing
- Removed gang bank stuff from /help
- Fixed not being able to /usechems to get pot to 130 health
- Fixed exploit letting /usechems and /usecrack to let armor hit 200.0
- You can now use /usechems and /usecrack to get 130 armor maximum
- Fixed bugs with /usepot not letting users to get over 100 health
- Fixed a bug with sync and /revive and /revivenear
- Fixed a bug with /odestroypvehicle
- Fixed a bug where /gpark would temporary remove gang vehicle mods
- Name changes now can handle up to 24 letters instead of 20
- Renamed Teamspeak to TeamSpeak
- Prison from /nmute, /gmute, /admute will auto remove you from Paintball
- Fixed a bug letting you access bank commands while not in the interior
- Fixed a bug with /car window
- Fixed a bug with bean bags
- Fixed a bug with namechanges costing FBI, HMA or Blacklist Admins money sometimes
- Fixed a bug with indicators bugging out