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Community Poll

In December 2017, we have introduced metagaming and powergaming which moved our server form dynamic roleplay to light roleplay. We have now experienced 3 months of light roleplay on Lawless Roleplay and are intereted in your opinion on whether we should stay light roleplay or not.

What if we stay light roleplay:
We will start enforcing metagaming and powergaming, punishments will be harsher (we expect that after 3 months of light roleplay, every player should atleast know the difference between IC and OOC). New administrative commands will be introduced which will allow admins to warn players through '/mg'. This system will be similair to our current deathmatch system. This system will be way more effective compared to our current warn/prison system. Our current system, which is mainly based on warnings will be adjusted to a new system where the focus would be more on teaching, e.g. the amount of prison time would increase every time you get warned for metagaming.

What if we go back to dynamic roleplay:
If we go back to dynamic roleplay, metagaming and powergaming will be removed from the server rules list. There would be no difference between IC and OOC and everyone is free to decide whether he wants to roleplay or not.

Should we go back to dynamic roleplay?

What do you guys prefer? Your opinon and vote matters, you can vote once please vote wisely.

Thank you! Should we go back to Dynamic Roleplay?...
Announcement Light Roleplay

The Shift

Lawless Roleplay is a server made by players for players, we try making the server as amusing as possible. After a long discussion and community polls we have finally made the decision to switch over to light roleplay, moving towards a more roleplay environment as requested.

By changing our level of roleplay, there will be a few new rules which are being applied. These rules are metagaming and powergaming, more explanation will be given further below in this thread.

There are three different levels of roleplay associated with San Andreas Multiplayer, these are: light roleplay, medium roleplay and heavy roleplay. However, none of these levels were applicable on our server since the roleplay level we were making use of was dynamic roleplay.

Dynamic Roleplay

For multiple years we were a dynamic roleplay server, this was something unique since Lawless Roleplay invented this level of roleplay. We were not forcing our players to roleplay but we did give them the opportunity.

But sadly enough, most of the players did not roleplay because they were fearing other players would not roleplay with them either. By switching to light roleplay we're trying to stop that and make everyone able to roleplay and develop their own character(s).

With dynamic roleplay you had the chance whether not to roleplay or roleplay, ofcourse, many of the players did not roleplay and this is a huge disadvantage for people that play here hoping to have a nice roleplay experience.

Light Roleplay

Light roleplay contains two new rules which are metagaming and powergaming, this forces players to roleplay but at a specific level. This means you'll have to stay in-character unless you're talking through the OOC chat.

It doesn't matter what you are out of character, your character on Lawless Roleplay could be everything. From a famous rapper to a police officer or maybe even a drug dealer! What we're trying to make clear is that your character has it's own personality and style, let your imagination do it's thing.

Now since light roleplay will be enforced, players will have to communicate and roleplay with each other. However, you're still not forced to roleplay every single situation for example, taking out heavy weapons or putting your keys in the ignition.

New Rules

Since we are switching to another roleplay level which is light roleplay, there will be a few new rules implemented. The staff team will make sure that these new implemented rules get obeyed ofcourse. More explanation regarding these rules can be found below.

Metagaming is mixing up OOC content with IC content or vice versa. Everything said should stay in-character unless it's said over the OOC chat (/b) ofcourse. This does not allow players to talk about OOC situations for example through their cellphone or whispering. Examples:

Barney Phife whispers to John Williams, saying: Hey bro, can you check what I sent you on the forums?

Toompert Daman sees Immad Carter and starts shouting: Yo man get on our TeamSpeak 3 server!

You won't be able to give OOC information through the IC chats.

Powergaming is when you roleplay unrealistic actions, forcing others to roleplay while you're not giving them a chance. This rule does not let you make up situations that did not happen and gives every player a fair chance. This also includes roleplaying different situations which you wouldn't be able to do script-wise. Examples:

*Raz Barack picks up the truck, throwing it at Rio Flocka with his super powers.*

*Dominic Fontaine would be holding a magic stick that can kill everyone. ((Dominic Fontaine))*

Other examples are, getting tazed by a police officer but standing up and running away or roleplaying you don't have items on you while you do have that item on you script-wise. Same goes for healing, you are not able to do this in the middle of a gunfight obviously.

Failing to follow these rules has consequences, the punishments can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this mean we have to roleplay everything we do?
A: No, we'll switch over to the lowest level of roleplay which is light roleplay. We are not forcing players to roleplay every single thing that happens.

Q: Do we have to roleplay taking out weapons?
A: No, you don't. It doesn't matter what size weapon it is, since it's light roleplay, you're not meant to roleplay taking out weapons.

Q: When are we switching over to light roleplay?
A: We are switching over light roleplay from 14th December, 2017.

Q: What do we do now when we want to kill someone?
A: You must have a decent in-character reason before killing someone, failing to do so will result in a punishment.

Q: Are there any other new rules getting implemented besides powergaming and metagaming?
A: No, these two are the only added rules that comes with light roleplay.

Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Have a lovely day!

(Thread Credits: Chiko)
Announcement Halloween Update 2017!
Hello Everyone,

Did you really think we forgot about the most awaited HALLOWEEN update? Ofcourse not! Today I am actually glad to tell you all that this, will be the very best Halloween you have ever had at Lawless. Special thanks to our Community Relation team, who worked day and night thinking about new ideas and rewards for the events so how could we not add that spark to make it perfect? Below is an overview of the update.


Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Halloween Update Overview

New Halloween Map

We would like to thank our mappers for their work and dedication because of which they were able to complete this project just in time, not to forget without any single glitch which would ruin the game play of our players!


A timer on the top of screen shows a countdown to when the next gift box will drop. All of the players are notified when a gift box drops, the first one to rush to the place and claim it gets a candy or sometimes they will have special rewards (Ivy, 150 armor, weapon set, etc). Good luck finding them!

The top 15 candy finders can be found on /topcollectors and at the end of the events, the top 3 will win a special prize each.

The Gift Shop


The candies you earn by collecting gift boxes can be used to buy any of the following from the gift shop. In order to check how many candies you have, look at the C000000 just below where your money is displayed on the screen.

Halloween Day 31st Special Event
On the 31st October, throughout the day large shipments of gift boxes will drop. These are very special gift boxes which will all contain awesome prizes and candies. Furthermore, they will have really long time limits. So be prepared!

- Added dynamic weather
- Fixed a minor bug with /admins
- /reply hides the admin undercover name
- Server based vehicles respawn after 15 minutes (player/ gang owned vehicles don't respawn auto and job vehicles respawn a bit faster)
- Adjusted /loadmoney
- Added ProxDetectorNotMe
- Cops can only shut down 3 turfs (for every 5 turfs, cops can take 1)
- Scripted new halloween events
- You can kill players in events who will drop a halloween pumpkin, anyone can pick this pumpkin up and it will give you candies
- You find gift boxes that spawn around the map to get yourself some candy. These gift boxes can also give you 130 health or 150 armor as a bonus prize
- You can then spend your hard earned candy on the candy shop buying weapons, health/armor etc or you can just keep the candy and be one of the top 15 candy collectors!
- Use /topcollectors to view the leaderboard
- There is a new halloween event map with a candy shop, disco and other cool stuff
- In the gift store you can buy:
    -- Witch Hat - C1
    -- First Aid Kit - C3
    -- Full Armour - C6
    -- Limited Edition Halloween Mask - C11
    -- Sniper Rifle - C17
    -- Chainsaw (no restriction) - C30
    -- 100 Health for all - C50
    -- Full Armor for all - C75
    -- 150 Armor for all - C100
- Zombie chair is back, be quick to capture it via /zchair!
- Implemented new halloween map
- Implemented new halloween decorations filterscript map
- Implemented new donator island
- Moved SendPlayerAlert textdraws down

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the trust you have in us and for celebrating such important events along with us!

Witching you a spook-tacular Halloween!
Community Poll

One of the hot topics right now being discussed in the management team is the current damage system. Our custom damage system allows us to adjust damages based on weather, skill, DM warnings, distance and etc. We can control which weapon is stronger to make the weapon dealing market more interesting and we can ensure the weapons reflect their true value.

The big question in this community poll is:

Should we keep the custom weapon damage system or use default linear damage?

Please vote in the poll above this thread in order to let us know which system you prefer and don't forget to write your opinions below!​

Thank you

Recently, there has been a lot of scare mongering posts claiming that this is the end for Lawless Roleplay. However, these people are wrong. Very wrong. I have been working very closely with the management team behind the scenes to transform Lawless Roleplay to a gold standard for gaming communities.

We will be doing this in multiple phases, with phase I focusing on restructuring the administrative team, training, procedures, progress and ultimately improving the quality of service provided to players by the administrative team. Once phase I is complete, phase II will commence and focus on improving the server feature quality and giving players more tools to create fun and interaction. There are more phases to this plan which will be released when they become relevant to the community.

However, to improve the community, we need your help and we are listening to your complaints and problems.

I am publicly asking that you click here and send me an e-mail with any suggestions, feedback, complaints or comments you have for us to improve our community.

Lawless Roleplay is very much alive and I have no plans to let it die any time soon. :)

of the Department


Hello Fellow Officers,

Today we have totally revamping every aspect within the department below will be new things explained.

Rank Responsibilities & Permissions

(R6) Chief of Police

[​IMG]Possible Positions
- Head of Department
- Chief of Divisional Services
- Chief of Operational Services
- Chief of Staff
- Chief of Record Keeping

- Hire/Fire/Suspend Probationary Officer to Deputy Chief of Police
- Promote/Demote Probationary Officer to Deputy Chief of Police

(R5) Deputy Chief

[​IMG]Possible Positions
- Deputy Chief of Department
- Deputy Chief of Divisional Services
- Deputy Chief of Operational Services

- Hire/Fire Probationary Officer to Lieutenant
- Suspend Probationary Officer to Lieutenant
- Promote/Demote Probationary Officer to Lieutenant

(R4) ADM/OPS Lieutenant

[​IMG]Possible Positions
- Assistant Chief of Operational Services
- Assistant Chief of Administrative Services

- Hire/Fire Probationary Officer to Senior Officer
- Suspend Probationary Officer to Lieutenant
- Promote/Demote Probationary Officer to Sergeant

(R4) Lieutenant

[​IMG] Possible Positions
- Director of Training & Recruitment
- Director of Internal Affairs
- Director of Patrol Operations
- Director of SWAT

(R3) Sergeant

[​IMG] Possible Positions
- Member or Assistant Director of Training & Recruitment
- Member or Assistant Director of Internal Affairs
- Member or Assistant Director of SWAT
- Patrol Supervisor

[​IMG](R2) Senior Officer
Possible Positions
- Member of Training & Recruitment
- Member of SWAT
- Patrol Officer
- Member of IA

[​IMG] (R1) Officer
Possible Positions
- Member of Field Training Operations
- Member of SWAT
- Patrol Officer

(R0) Probationary Officer
Possible Positions
- Trainee

Regulations & Notices

Divisions Regulations

- Division can only have One Commander.
- Division can only have Two Assistants.
- Division must be properly managed
- Commander/Assistants cannot be inactive.
- Assistant's must earn there position (if caught just handing it out will be removed).
- Division requires a handbook, roster etc. (Must be approved by ADM /OPS Lieutenant)
- The division may only hold a certain around of people with certain ranks.

Department Regulations
- Reinstatement's will now be only managed by the administration.
- The officer that is offered a position can only be offered up to Sergeant (R3).
- All Officers must learn the charges as there will no longer be Abbrevation
- All officers must follow force matrix.
- All officers must have access to PD area (Usergroup)
- Once Badge is issued the Probationary Officer must go through Phase 1 of training (if no TnR the issuer of the badge must do it)

Divisional Notice:
All Divisions within the department has been purged except for the Internal Affairs department. This is ti improve there structure & its leadership.

High Command Notice
Today we have purged the high command team to Senior Officers. We have assigned few officers to certain positions where we felt they would be suited for.


Metropolitan Services

Metropolitan Service Units tend to be Probationary Officers. What MPS units do, is tow vehicles that consist of $3,000 worth of fines or over. Once a vehicle is towed by the driver, they will bring it to the impound garage at LSPD, then immediately transferred to the Dillimore DMV, where the vehicle owner can pay their fines due to the vehicle. MPS truck drivers are only allowed to give vehicles fines if they are illegally parked. Illegally parked vehicles consist of parked in the middle of the street, parked in a no parking zone, or not parked with two of the vehicles tires parked on the road, the other two on the sidewalk. As a Probationary, this is their primary job to do unless patrolling with another Officer or doing station work.

Standard Patrolling

Standard patrol units are officers patrolling in marked vehicles. A normal day for a patrol officer can consist of issuing vehicle citations for parking illegally, initiating traffic stops on reckless drivers or citizens possibly evading their debt, citating people for reckless driving or minor offenses not including arrests, and arresting criminals that break the law. Standard Marked Units may only go by the book to prevent any corruption or doing their job incorrectly. A Standard Patrol Unit's rank varies as it could be a standard patrol Officer, Senior Officer, Supervisor, or even Watch Commander. You can find more about the day in the life of an Officer down lower in the habdook, providing exact instructions on what to do during any encounters.

Traffic Stops

When pulling someone over for a normal traffic stop, you should 100 percent of the time warn the driver over your megaphone to avoid any misunderstandings. When the subject pulls over, you should always warn them to turn their engine off, giving you a bit of an extra advantage if they run off. Once they completely pull over and follow both orders, you mustn't refuse to request an extra unit, ranging from another Standard Marked Patrol Unit to Watch Commander to arrive on scene for backup. We advise you to do this so if the subject evades, the secondary unit in the traffic stop can immediately go after the suspect. Read 'Pursuits' down below to learn more about the process of conducting any pursuit. After the secondary unit arrives, you should exit the vehicle, walk up to the drivers window, checking to see if the windows are down (( /do Window Status? )) and checking for any clear-sight illegal items in the vehicle. You mustn't refuse to tell the subject why you are pulling them over. Start off with an introduction, ie. "Hello, I am Officer Smithy from the Los Santos Police. I pulled you over today for driving erratically." Once said, wait for the subject to say anything. If nothing said, ask for their license and proof of vehicle ownership. If the vehicles registration doesn't match license provided, you shouldn't hesitate to call the owner, verifying if the subject is given permission to drive this vehicle. Once the license and registration is given, you must go back to your cruiser and check the current records of the driver and check their license status. Once done, log out of the MDC and either give the driver a warning and give their license and registration back, or give them their license and registration back, prior to that, giving them a citation.

Issuing Citations

When in mid-traffic stop and you wish to give the driver a fine for what you pulled them over for, you must fill out the ticket in this order: (( /ticket )), 'Subject Name' (( ID )), followed by the 'Fine Amount', then lastly the 'reason'. All ticket books are attached to a stand on your cruisers dashboard. One done filling it out, rip off the citation at the crease, place the ticket book back onto the stand, and give it to the driver. Once the ticket is taken by them, that is when you may give them their license and registration back to reduce the chance of forgetting the suspects name if they evade once given the ticket or refusing to accept the citation.

High-Risk Traffic Stops

When a vehicle is pulled over for being wanted or committing a crime and not charged yet, you must pull over the vehicle, place your vehicle at a 45 degree angle so the nose is facing outwards, protecting you. Do not exit the vehicle. Once that is done, request 3 to 4 additional units to respond. They shall do the same arrangement of their vehicle. Once done, all units will exit the vehicle, aiming either a Desert Eagle or an M4A1 depending on the severity of the crime. The driver initiating the High-Risk traffic stop a.k.a. the vehicle behind the suspect, must use their megaphone to: 1. Ask the driver and any other suspects to exit the vehicle with their hands up, not facing the Officer's direction, 2. Asking the suspect(s) to back up still with their hands up, 3. Once at mid-point from the driver's door and the cruiser, ask the suspect(s) to stop. After the suspect is at mid point, the primary unit shall cuff the closest suspect, if any other suspects, the secondary takes the next closest, the thirdary takes the next closest, etc. (( Make sure you roleplay taking out your cuffs and placing them on. Ask over /do if they decide to resist the cuffs or not )).


In an attempted traffic stop and the suspect evades, a pursuit is then initiated. The primary unit a.k.a. the closest cruiser to the suspects vehicle must callout in dispatch, "UNIT-XX-### (( Replace XX with your division (TR, GD, etc.), and ### with your badge number within that division )), I got a 10-80 on a vehicle color vehicle name, occupied times how many suspects in vehicle. We're going to be heading direction at closest landmark on road on street name in neighborhood. Requesting immediate assistance." Once stated, the primary unit must keep updating their location as it changes. When in a pursuit, do not attempt to overtake any units, stay in a line and stay in formation. We ask you to do this to prevent any collisions with the suspect. When a pursuit has been initiated for officially 2 minutes and there is a primary, secondary, and third unit on the scene, in formation, the primary unit may attempt to PIT the vehicle (( lag slam preferably )). If the suspect's vehicle flips or disables and the suspect(s) run out of the vehicle, shout for them to place their hands up and stop. If they continue to evade, you may either taze them if you are not the required rank, or beanbag them if the suspect is slow and you are a Sergeant. If the suspect dies in the collision from the vehicle disabling, an officer must take a DNA sample, and immediately start adding charges on the suspect. At this point, if the name is known, officers can track the suspect to find the location of the hospital of where they're behind held. At this point, the stop and hands up procedure will repeat.

Arresting & Detaining Suspects

When detaining a suspect to bring them to a station and arrest them, they must be in one of the back seats. At this point when the suspect is due to be detained, the suspect must be cuffed and restrained. Suspects may not be unrestrained without consent of a Sergeant or higher. Officers may override the decision by a Sergeant if they believe the suspect is not trustworthy. At the point when an Officer is driving the suspect to a station of their choice, they must ask for their name and date of birth. Requesting the date of birth is not required. When at the cells or the green door, leading down to the cells in the no parking zone, you may fingerprint scan the suspect to tell if the suspect lied about their identification provided. Once done, you must turn off the fingerprint scanner, take out a pair of white gloves provided in your back pants pocket, and attempt to frisk the suspect for any illegal goods consisting of weapons, narcotics, etc. (( Must ask for any resistance over /do )). When that is complete, if the suspect is found with any illegal narcotics or weapons, you may attempt to take them. (( Ask for the location of the illegal narcotics/weapons over /do, followed by a /do asking for any resistance on taking them, once replied to the location. )) At this point, you may start to fill out the arrest report (( /arrest command )). Providing your badge number is required, not your full name. Bail is strictly prohibited for prisoners. (( place two zero's after the minutes, ie: /arrest 500 10 0 0 )). If a bail is placed, you will first be striked, then suspended if repeated. Once a suspect is brought down into the cells by two big security guards, you must call in over the radio (( /r )) that you are resuming 10-8, and the 10-15 is now in jail. After that, you may resume your duties.

Dispatch Priority

In dispatch, there are three settings for priority. These three settings are called relaxed, priority, and RTO. RTO stands for radio transmission only. If the setting is on 'relaxed', then chatter over the dispatch radio is not prohibited (( IC or OOC )). When a call is called out over dispatch, the setting of dispatch is automatically set into priority without warning, strictly refusing any free chat over the updater of the call. If the dispatch setting is on 'priority', then chat in the dispatch radio should be minor (( IC )). When a call is called out over dispatch, just like the relaxed, the setting is automatically set into RTO meaning radio transmission only without warning. When the dispatch setting is on 'RTO', otherwise known as 'radio transmission only', dispatch radio chat is strictly prohibited (( IC updates only )). The only time the dispatch radio should be used at this point is for requesting assistance of a brawl, high-risk traffic stop, or pursuit etc.. At this point, all traffic stops will remain over the secondary radio (( /r )). If anyone disrupts the priority of an updater, or breaks the rules of the current dispatch setting, depending on the severity they may be striked or suspended for 2 days. If it is severe enough that they are suspected once from it and it is repetitive, they will be discharged.

Going On/Off Duty

As a Probationary, going off duty is strictly prohibited. As a Probationary you must be either studying for your OIE, doing your training(s), going on MPS truck duty, or patrolling with another Officer. If a personnel has achieved the rank of Officer or higher, they must request to go off duty over the radio (( /r )) with a good, inexcusable reason. At this point, Sergeants or higher are only allowed to grant/deny permission to go off duty for an Officer or Senior Officer. If a Sergeant or higher is requesting to go off duty with a good, inexcusable reason, a Sergeant or higher may grant/deny their permission, disregarding their division/authority. You may not grant yourself to go off duty. If a higher rank overrides the decision of a Sergeant granting or denying the permission to go off duty, they may do so. All off duty requests may only last for exactly an hour. This rule is strictly enforced. If the off duty officer does not come back to the station to go back on duty exactly after an hour or after, they will be given a suspension lasting 3 days for disrespecting high commands orders and going on extended off duty without permission. Requesting for any additional off duty hours 4 hours after the last time you went off duty, will get your permission to go off duty revoked for 24 hours. Note to all Sergeants+: There should only be one person off-duty at most when 7 officers are on duty (( not afk )). When 13 officers or more are on duty (( not afk )), then a total of two officers may be off duty at once. Oh, and just to be sure you read all of this, and the end of your application where you create a biography, please include your favourite flavor of ice cream somewhere in the story.

Chain of Command

  1. Do not skip through ranks unless directly authorised to by the desired rank/person
  2. Do not skip ranks even though that the next high rank member may solve your problem. Your chain of command will alert the proper channels
  3. Do not question or challenge descions made by staff, administration, or the directors
  4. Do not ask staff, administration, or the directors for promotions
  5. Do not lie to any staff members, administrators, or directors under any circumstance
  6. Sergeants are Supervisors
Administrative Lieutenant
There task is to supervise the Internal Affairs department along with Training & Recruitment department. They are put in place to make sure that both divisions are running smoothly along with following our expectations/regulations. The division head has any issues they would go to there ADM Lieutenant and the Lieutenant can go to there Deputy Chief if needed.

Operations Lieutenant

There task is to supervise the S.W.A.T department along with General Duties. They are put in place to make sure that both divisions are running smoothly along with following our expectations/regulations. The division head has any issues they would go to there OPS Lieutenant and the Lieutenant can go to there Deputy Chief if needed.

Our Divisional Structure

Training & Recruitment

The Training & Recruitment division is intentionally one of the most important divisions dealing with low ranked staff. Field Training members are responsible for reviewing applications (background checks, accepting/denying applications), training Probationary to make sure that they are qualified enough to become an Officer. To tell if a Probationary Officer is qualified to become an Officer, Field Training staff measure their Probationary knowledge by giving them a test. This test is named OIE (Officer Introductory Exam). Not only Probationary Officer can be trained, any Officer whether reinstated, transferred, or recently promoted can request a Field Training officer to give them a specific training to make sure their knowledge of the department is completely up to date.

General Duties

All members not assigned to a division or are not busy doing divisional work are required to go on General Duties patrol. A General Duties patrol consists of checking different areas of Los Santos to make sure crime is not being committed, giving citations illegally parked vehicles, initiating traffic stops on reckless drivers and wanted suspects, issuing citations to reckless drivings, and arresting wanted suspects and suspects breaking the law. Unlike the other divisions, instead of a Lieutenant leading and supervising a division, a two Sergeants co-lead the division, enforcing all the basic rules of patrolling and maintaining safety in Los Santos.

Special Weapons & Tactics

The S.W.A.T division are highly trained members of the department, assisting in high-risk situations. S.W.A.T members are given permission to use heavy-weaponry to have an easier defeat in dangerous situations such as kidnaps, and most wanted suspects. S.W.A.T members will undergo constant training to be able to move quick, have a rapid response and be completely professional in all situations requiring them when they are not on standard patrol. This division requires maximum confidence in situations, teamwork and a lot of effort.

Internal Affairs
The Internal Affairs Unit investigates all incidents of law breaking or professional misconduct by officers of the Los Santos Police Department,.

Winter Event Results!

Christmas has finally passed us and the decorations have come down. We have all recovered from our post-new year's hangover and are ready to start the whole "new year, new me" thing. This year we had some awesome prizes to win from our events and we will be continuing with these events daily on our Facebook page so be sure to like that!


Every single year, Santa Claus's sleigh gets hit by the raging gang bangers of Los Santos and each time he crashes into Flint County - you would think after four concessive years, this guy would learn.. but no. He falls under the typical wheel barrow of Lawless Roleplay gang bangers. This year, we had more deliveries made by the good citizens of Los Santos than any year before.

A total of 18,286 presents were delivered between 24th December to 10th January (17 days!). This means that a whooping 45 presents was delivered by our players every hour for 17 days! Wow! It even gets more impressive that we had 903 different people deliver presents!

Santa's Top 10 Helpers
  1. John Wulf - 1190 Presents Delivered
  2. Buggly Thorns - 1133 Presents Delivered
  3. Darco Soze - 527 Presents Delivered
  4. Ganesh Thamizhan - 487 Presents Delivered
  5. Kenji Thamizhan - 484 Presents Delivered
  6. Lend Smacstore - 461 Presents Delivered
  7. Lrukz Shred - 361 Presents Delivered
  8. Adolf V Lannister - 304 Presents Delivered
  9. James Draco - 264 Presents Delivered
  10. Mawe Hawthorne - 229 Presents Delivered
All winners and top 10 helpers have won a very special usertitle (Santa's Helper 2017) on the forums. Please post an administrative request to get your forum title prize!


All winners have 48 hours to claim their prize. Winners of the special prize, custom house interior, custom car and custom phone number will need to post an administrative request for their prize!

Special Prize (Private Island! WORTH $100)
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • John Wulf

House with an interior of choice
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Blanco Soze
  • Lrukz Shred

Ivy Perk for 30 days
  • Jappy Vincre
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Darco Soze

Tier 3 Custom Vehicle
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Cazzey Robinson
  • John Wulf
  • Ganesh Thamizhan
  • Buggly Thorns

Custom Phone Number
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Adolf S Lannister
  • Stormzy Reaper
  • Rex Savage
  • James Draco

Custom Forum Titles
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Nikita Dominique
  • Kane Johnson
  • Hamid Thorns
  • Jaspreet Singh
  • Issa J Seth

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Christmas Events and we look forward to hosting many more events for you in 2018.