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This topic should be split into two different topics but for the sake of declaring a clear message we’ve decided to use one clear concise topic.

The second you join or hear about this server – you get the feeling that this server has no laws or rules but that is incorrect. I want make some critical rules clear in an official topic. As long as you are a productive player then you will realize how open the world is however if you are a destructive player, you will soon see that world close up on you.

Deathmatch is when you kill another player for no reason at all – IE. Jonny boy is standing near the LSPD waiting for his friend to pick him up, he has 10 health – Richard drives past and sees little Jonny vulnerable so Richard gets out his car and kills Jonny for no reason at all apart from the fact he’s vulnerable.

Whereas, Jonny boy has been drinking and using crack, his gang is able to launch an inferno on another gang. On his way there, he slams into Richard’s car and does not apologize. Richard’s car blows up and he’s fucking pissed off cause he was material running. Richard jacks another car and follows Jonny – Jonny stops by the crack house to get more crack. Jonny steps out the crack house to be confronted by Richard and his double barrel shotgun. There goes Jonny – straight to the A & E.

Or, a gang member of mine was killed by another gang for not paying tax on their turf. My gang then has the full right to declare war on the other rival gang and we can set up wars and drivebys on eachother. That’s okay and not limited.

Deathmatch is against our servers and administrators have been told that they can punish you however they see fit. I’ve seen people punished for deathmatch in the form of prison time and I’ve seen players punished in the form of swimming from the top point of San Ferrio back to Los Santos. We do not tolerate destructive game play. I understand that this is a harsh server and you will often see members of administration say to you: “I’m really sorry that this happened however you have my full permission to go back and kill that person to settle the score. If this does happen again then please /report or post a complaint on our forum and we’ll be sure to isolate that player”.

Another form of destructive game play is from the cops. They feel like the server belongs solely to them and do not want to share it with anyone else. They do this by making whoever they don’t like most wanted with false charges and place them in prison – they will only realise this when the server only has them playing on it with everyone else flocking the scene to elsewhere. Charge stacking is when a cop gives another player false charges. This is destructive gameplay and we do not tolerate it. If you have been a victim of charge stacking then please post a complaint here with screenshots and the cop will be removed from their faction and fined a hefty amount of money.

There are limits and lines to everything, once you go above that line and limit then you will realise that administration will tackle you down to the ground and isolate you for being a destructive player.

On the other hand, we have found a way to tackle deathmatch using code and this update will soon be released!
What an awesome couple of days has it been? Our main opening hit 80 players in less than 30 seconds! However, we were the victims of DDoS attacks and this caused us to halt all progress whilst we migrated to a DDoS protected server. Once everything was set up, we opened the server without telling anyone apart from 5 people and after 30 minutes, we had 122 players online for more than 6 hours. It was hectic! 122 players in our first hour... damn.​
There were many people who died, many gang wars, many cops busting ass, many rush tazes, many new friends and alliances made – all in the space of 3 days. I have seen a crime rate that is beyond anything humane. Right now, we're in the orientation week where the players position themselves in the map and set targets. Everyone is trying to grind and gain as much as they can. You will see gangsters doing garbage man jobs, fishing, cops turning a blind eye to crimes whilst they street sweep - just to get that money. It’s hectic and extremely lawless. A lot of people have asked me to make a post concluding all the new features so here goes my best try because quite frankly - there has been so many changes!​
There are turfs all over Los Santos and these turfs can be viewed by /showturfs. Gangs can take over a turf by using /claimturf and surviving in said turf for 30 seconds whilst rival gangs attempt to close in and claim it for themselves. Once the 30 seconds is over, the claiming gang must defend the turf for 15 minutes. If the claiming gang is outnumbered then the turf timer will be paused until the claiming gang has more people on the turf or a rival gang attempts to claim the turf. But hold up! There is a twist! At any moment, the police can roll in and shut down the turf by killing all gang members by using /shutdown. So, what’s the point of turfs?​
Turf Perks
Police – if the police has closed down the turf then they will gain $200 bonus every paycheck they sign until the turf is claimed by another gang.​
Car shop – this perk will make all gang vehicles spawn with 2500 health points instead of the normal 1000. This is extremely useful for bank robberies (something that I will explain down the line) and is a strong tool when raiding rival gangs.​
Bribery – this perk will give members 10% off jail time.​
Connections – this perk will make the detective job /find markers last 5 seconds longer.​
Safe house – if a gang member is within the turf with this perk and someone is using /find on them it will only tell the player which area they're in and not exact location.​
Priority Medications – this perk will allow you to respawn at the hospital in 15 seconds instead of the normal 30 seconds.​
Factory – this perk allows gang members to sell guns for 50% of their material requirement.​
Crack lab – this perk will give your gang 40grams of cocaine every 6 hours.​
Grow operations – this perk will give your gang 40grams of weed every 6 hours.​
Intimidation – this perk will automatically tax people on your turf 20% who sell crack, pot, guns and cars.​
Bank Robbery
The bank has a brand new interior which our in-house expert mapper Jayden created. The bank is one of the first banks in SA-MP which has a two tier interior system. There is a normal interior layout however once the bank robbery begins, the interior truly becomes lawless. There are doors blown off, fire, sirens, new objects used for cover, smoke, lasers and whatever you can imagine a bank to look like when it’s being robbed. Gang members and undercover FBI members can start a bank robbery with 7 people as long as there are 10 police officers in active duty. Once the robbery begins, the bank layout becomes chaotic and robbers must run down the stairs into the vault and must /loadmoney (Each person can hold upto $7, 500). Once they are satisfied with their payout, they can /finishrobbery which will spawn a cash transit vehicle at the back of the bank with 3000 health points (3 times more than the normal vehicle!). Bank robbers must survive for 30 minutes to be fully rewarded the cash. If they die, they’ll lose everything.​
Race event
A brand new race event is now available for admins, they can set 20 check points and people who join the event will automatically enter a vehicle and will be frozen until the event starts. A good time kill!​
Gangs are no longer handed items and for this sole reason, we have removed the gang strike system. However, we introduced a respect system which gangs earn by becoming the dominate gang in Los Santos. Gangs must purchase their own HQs, vehicles and bandana colours.​
What are bandana colours? These are username colours seen in-game, you must first be respected by other people in-game and then you have to pay $500, 000 to get your selected colour. All these things require money and time input which makes gangs more valuable and prevents members from breaking rules.​
Factions now have access to /facradar which will show a marker on their minimap showing the exact location of everyone else in the faction. A great tool when responding to back up calls!​
Factions no longer have access to grenades and must pay for strong weapons. The rush taze has been adjusted, rush tazing is now tazing a player who has a weapon in their hand. You may say this is unfair but if you read the next paragraph then you'll see the reasoning behind this!​
Wanted level 6 felons (most wanted) cannot be defended for one hour (enforced by script). However, if they die then the cop will have a ‘Running Suspect Bonus’ which will take money from the wanted player and give it to the officer – money is dictated by wanted level duration. The wanted player will then be automatically prisoned for 20 minutes.​
Farewell, Spas-12…
We were unsure to remove this weapon because of how iconic it is. However, since the spas-12 was removed. Players have been praising the removal because it has brought a new aspect to shooting and skilful players love this new addition. It’s now all about skill.​
With the removal of the spas-12, we have also said our goodbyes with the screwdriver.​
We have also allowed M4 and AK-47 weapons to be used during drive-by attacks! Shit just got real.​
We have increased the maximum contract amount to $500, 000 as this allows players to really express their hate towards another player. Gang and faction leaders must have a hit above $100, 000 to take effect. The mayor must have a $500, 000 contract on them before hitmans can take action.​
Hitmen now have access to a passport system which will automatically assign them a new identity without other players being able to comprehend.​
The black market and pill system has been removed as these killed the drug and weapon market. A brand new donation system is currently being set up that is fair for everyone.​
House Robberies
You now can enter houses and steal items. These items can be a microwave, TV, lamp, PlayBox 360 or a computer. These items have different states which dictate the price tag these items can be sold for: shitty, decent, find, good and very good. Once you steal the item, you must load it in your vehicle and sell it before the cops pull you over and catch you red handed!​
Cocaine and bodyguard – the armoured machine!
THE BODYGUARD JOB IS GONE! Whoa! There I said it! Punish me! All jokes aside, if somebody asked me how you could kill the drug market then I would suggest the bodyguard job. With the removal of the bodyguard job we have seen an increase in drug deals. Gangs are now in direct competition with eachother to control the drug market. I’ve seen fights over rival gangs selling crack other another gang’s client. It is wild.​
However, you can’t just remove the bodyguard job without making drugs more important. We have introduced the drug addict perk which can be levelled up via /upgrade once you’re level 3. The drug addict will add an additional 2 armour points per /usecrack and has 3 levels (considering that you start at level 0) – so a level 3 drug addict will receive 16 armour points from /usecrack.​
Players can now also overdose on cocaine but at the same time, if they use the command wisely then they can get 124 armour points!​
You can now carry up to 100 grams of crack cocaine – this limit is dictated by your drug skill. Level 1 drug dealers can hold 6 grams of crack, level 2 – 12 grams, level 3 – 20 grams, level 4 – 30 grams and level 5 – 100 grams.​
We have also added two classes of armour to gun shops which include a light armour vest (25 armour) and a medium vest (50 armor).​
Automated rules
When enforcing important server rules, it is vital that the administrator fully understands the situation and is able to execute a non-bias action. Due to this, we have automated detection and punishment systems for the following:​
- Crack shooting/ C-bug​
- Rush tazing​
- Spawn kill​
- Car parking​
Garbage man!
Whilst other people are talking garbage – we have decided to do something more productive and clean the streets of garbage. The new garbage job is located in Flint County, players when conducting this job will be given a random skin which matches the job and a shovel. The player must be in a Trashmaster and go around Los Santos collecting trash. At the end of cleaning all the trash, you be rewarded with $888!​
Several cosmetic changes.​
You now can see which skin you are going to buy from cloth stores before you purchase it​
/newb is now removed…​
You can now car surf.​
Added /attempt which will randomly do a selected action and give you a 50/ 50 chance to either succeed or fail.​
Admins can now create houses off the ball with a simple command which will select the price and interior automatically.​
Added /showid for players which shows their age, sex, address and legal job to other players​
You can /sellgun after 30 seconds of spawning out the hospital​
If you want to see the full change log then please read this thread.​

I can’t believe that we managed to get 62 players in less than 60 seconds of opening the server to the public. I tuned into TeamSpeak to see over 40 clients connected talking about how awesome the server is.

However, shortly after opening our gates to the masses, our infrastructure was attacked by those who wish us to fail. We will never give up fighting these attacks because they are unjust and it’s against everything we stand for. These attacks will not harm us apart from causing minor delays. It has given the community more time, motivation and energy to go on our private server scripting and bug testing (We had 30 people on our private server testing after the DDOS hit!). At the same time, this encourages anger to players which unravels a flock of flames against the attackers. We thank you for your continued trust and loyalty to us – so in essence these attacks will only make us stronger. We will not respond or negotiate with attackers. It has also come to my attention that several people have asked members of staff to release another community’s SQL dump and script – this is something we will not release under any circumstances. The authorities have been alerted by our network provider as they have uncovered two chains of botnet systems which can easily be traced back to the source of attack.

Fear not fellow outlaws, we will never give up so raise your weapons and prepare to march through the streets of Los Santos claiming your turf, claiming your freedom and above all – having fun. We will no longer stay chained down and we will roll on our enemies so get your desert eagles and ak-47s ready.

On a further note, a lot of people have come out offering financial help – we thank you and you may donate any amount you wish using the following link. The money you donate will be logged and tied with your account so you may use it in the future to purchase items from our donation list. I would also like to state that 100% of your donations will be going towards getting a better server with better DDOS protection and support.

<form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post" target="_top">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
<input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="UZC338FN3WL56">
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Once you make a donation, please post your e-mail and transaction ID in here.</center>

EDIT: Thank you so much to those who have donated, we have made a total of $74.28 as of now and once we hit that sweet $100, we'll be getting a dedicated ddos protected server. Our current hosts have found the route of the botnets and are blocking it/ taking legal action as we speak. I have been told by the hosts that it may take upto six hours to get back online.

San Andreas Multiplayer


TeamSpeak 3


Dear outlaws,

The storm is finally  here and a heat wave is just a few days away. We have all been through thousands of servers and different communities, it saddens me that till this day every single server we have joined has slowly turned into a flame of lies motivated by greed and power hunger. We're all exhausted of moving to countless communities blindfolding us with lies whilst they remain full of dictatorship and false promises. We packed our bags and moved to this new horizon which had a beautiful poster saying “Welcome home – Fun is here”. Little did we know, this poster was nothing but an attempt to fool everyone to allow them to do the same crimes but with a different brand. They decided what was popular and did not hear anyone’s voices. I turned a blind eye until I finally had hard evidence in front of my face of what was going on and the once beautiful view of a new horizon turned into a bag of lies. In the upcoming days, evidence will be released exposed each individual of their false promises and their dirty underwear will be exposed to everyone. However, the most evident proof is the actions they are taking on their services by bulk banning people who just want to have fun and by attacking our services.

However, the purpose of this topic is not to look at the past but to acknowledge our future. This is our promise to you, this server is not mine or any other member of management. It belongs to you and you have elected us to maintain it and set the world spinning. We are a player vs. player (PvP) roleplay server (MMORPG) and unlike other places we don’t put a limit on what you can achieve. We promise to be open about everything from donation profits to planned updates. You are now in the driver’s seat so raise your weapons and prepare for battle. We are finally taking over and setting our own path.

The server will open to the public on Friday 19<sup>th</sup> April 2013 at 13:00 GMT.

Please take this opportunity to invite your friends onto the forums and help us spread the word; the players are finally taking over. Upon launch, we will have 24 hours of double experience followed by endless hours of kickass action without tears.

A server made by players for players.
The who's, what's and why's

We are a group of people who have come together to create a fun, laid back and an exciting game environment for what SAMP was intended for. For fun, for shootouts, for chaos. We are all about the chaos, the fun and the excitement SAMP has to offer and most servers surprisingly do not offer. We are going to go by the name 'Lawless RP', short, smart, we are without laws, without restrictions, without a plagued management team. We intend to make this server to revive old memories of what it used to be, the fun, the chaos, the shooting. This may all sound very familiar to you, but know this, we aim to follow it right through to the end.

You can also show your support to our upcoming and rising community by putting the following picture in your signatures:


We intend to spread this image all around the SAMP communities. People will try and find the real source to where this photo is coming from, especially the curious (which is usually everyone!). When they find the true source of the image and its meaning behind it, then they will know what the storm actually means and what it's intended for.

So, why did we actually branch off from ***? It's simple. As a player, you never notice the corruption that lays. You may be aware corruption exists through assumptions and word of mouth, but you're never quite too sure. When you become an admin, these rumors that you heard in the past, were often true. We branched off from what I call a plague. The Management team were powerhungry, money grubbling faggots, simply put. They always introduce the same idelogy when critisised upon this, 'But we aren't like NGRP'. If anyone doesn't know, NGRP is another big community where *** branched off from. Of course, *** would never be like NGRP. Since NGRP is on a whole new ball game of corruption, lies and deciet. But *** is escalating towards it rapidly. Several images of proof are at hand. Not to mention, admins getting suspended for prisoning 'Management' staff on their VPN accounts. Admins getting removed because of them being a certain origin or ethnicity. If management didn't like them, they shouldn't have been put there in the first place. But they like to coordinate the good old NGRP tradition of 'Slave Admins'. By this, no methods of staff retention. Slaving admins to do work even if they don't like them. If you wish to know more about this all, feel free to check out the following links to have a good read through of the rise and fall of several communities on SAMP:

Messages from the dead: the story of Brian Wright:


The Rise and Fall of CCNGTA by Citizen Alpha:


As the saying by ilija Sani goes, 'SAMP isn't SAMP without drama'.

Server Offenses

Rules are going to belightly enforced. The main ones however that will be addressed, are the obvious ones. Such as hacking, ban evading, CS. Revenge Kill is going to be reduced to 10 minutes to return back. If people cannot do that, they deserve to be prisoned. We reduced it down 20 minutes to contain the excitement the server wishes to fulfill, that we all wish to fulfill. A full list will be drafted and shown to the community and pending feedback from them before we make it offical.

Complaints & Ban Appeals

Another topic that crosses my mind, forum complaints and ban appeals. Obviously, we wish to ensure the server contains its fun, but most of it can be handled IG without the need of streaming tears on a complaint. That is WHY we are removing player complaints in general and keeping only Administrative complaints. That way, people can only complain about the admin team, which they have a right to do if we do something wrong or if they need clarification. Ban appeals are going to remain private and handled through the form system. We don't want anyone's confidential information released and I'm sure we all feel that way.

Gangs & strikes

How will this be coordinated? Strikes won't be issued to gangs, but they have a chance of being disbanded. This is all doing to be handled case-by-case by all the admin team and their input depending on what the gang did and how severe it was. For example, if a leader rage quits and a lot of the players start notoriously hacking, we are in our bounds to disband that family, even if they have worked hard. We are focused more on prisoning players if they do something wrong and fining them their wealth. We don't wish to strike families nor disband them, simply put, gang leaders will be investing millions into their families. Gang owning business, paying for /bandana, HQ, cars, all through in game cash. You have to be recognised and gangs will be awarded. We intend to keep gangs running as long as possible, with only 8 gang slots. Huge variety and more loyal members in one family. It's going to be a great, big thing.


The notorious SPAS12 and Grenade removal. We are intending to remove this weapon to bring back a more skill based game, rather than blasting full radius and hitting. Once we remove this, we should see a significant change in the way people fight each other. LSPD grenades are also removed. We believe they were too much of an advantage to even think about implementing, let alone experiencing it being implemented on the other server.

We intend to keep factions laid back also. We do not want to appoint people who place harsh restriction on faction members. We do not wish to place such a system where everyone hates the factions simply because they abuse the powers they are bestowed with. We only want a fair and a mutual agreement between the two, faction and gangs. And that is, guns, chaos and fun.

The Donation system

Of course, every thriving community requires a donation system in order to cover its costs to run and maintain the server. We have already listed some ideas, but we want your input as to what would be a great incentive for donators, along with it not being such a huge advantage that it affects the way the economy and players in general work. Don't worry, we aren't going to be money hungry and logs of transactions will be posted in the appropriate sections (most likely the admin section).

Other crucial information:

'Finally, if you stop having fun then step away, you’ll do none of us any good by being miserable. Keep things in perspective, this is your hobby, what you do for fun.' - http://www.citizenscoup.net/index.php/ccngta/83-the-rise-and-fall-of-ccngta

'Complaints across the board were rising and the LSPD needed a big bucket of “calm down” and “have fun” which was clearly never going to happen with the current people in charge.' - http://www.citizenscoup.net/index.php/ccngta/83-the-rise-and-fall-of-ccngta

Citizen Alpha is our main guide in ensuring the server remains fun and for what it's intended for. None of that so serious LSPD, we all want to be laid back and have fun. After all, we are playing a game orientated and designed for one purpose, entertainment. Games aren't in this genre for no reason. We are what we are. We don't need people being butthurt, being so serious. Why need people who know how to have fun and be laid back. And that's what we intend to create.

Lawless, a new era that should have been an old era, revived.